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Business Performance Maximized

Contract Marketing Service
(marketing performance specialists)

What we do – How we help You.

Contract Marketing Service undertake a complete analysis of your marketing organization, its structure, management, budget and performance to optimise marketing costs and performance. This includes:

* Identifying the factors that drive the marketing function.

* Producing key indicators in the form of management ratios that provide a quantitative guide to marketing performance.

* Providing a qualitative analysis of business performance via a marketing audit, with questions covering 27 separate aspects.

* Providing an overall assessment of marketing performance, based on the analysis with recommendation for the actions which may subsequently be required.

* Providing processes for managing and organizing marketing assets and resources effectively to optimize marketing performance to maximize efficiency.

How your organization benefits from this analysis.

* Knowing what it actually costs to get and retain business, facilitates effective marketing budget management.

* Establishing the rate of return for the investment in marketing, enables managers to evaluate performance and make business decisions based on quantified information.

* Organizing marketing assets and resources to optimize their effective management and to maximize the return on their investment.

* Quantified performance measurement assists in effective management decision making.

* Making demonstrable the contribution of the marketing function by the provision of quantified performance data.

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