How Good is your Marketing organization?

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How Good is your Marketing organization?

Is it fit for purpose?

How do you know?

Chief Executives and Financial Officers are asking these questions of managers of marketing. Executives responsible for marketing organizations, are under pressure to justify investment and improve results.

The efficient and effective management of all the necessary resources for getting and retaining business is therefore essential. Marketing managers are assessed on the productivity of their marketing organizations, now as never before.

Getting and retaining business costs money, but how much do you spend, how do you spend it and is the expenditure justified? Those in charge of marketing are increasingly asked to answer these questions.

The executive who holds responsibility for managing the resources, assets and activities involved with marketing, may not be a professional marketer or be experienced in all of the diverse activities and resources that make up the total marketing function.

This book is a handbook of practical advice for the effective management of all those activities involved in getting and retaining business, which are collectively known as  marketing. Based on over 20 years experience with over 60 companies as a professional Interim Marketing Practitioner and Management Consultant, it is not a book of theory, but of actual practice. Its purpose is to act as a reminder of what actions need routinely to be taken, what questions should be asked, what needs to be done. It thus provides a framework for operating and managing the Marketing function in manufacturing and service companies, in both the Business to Business and consumer sector.

The book is aimed at all those who have responsibility for managing marketing activities and does not depend on previous knowledge, marketing background or training.

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It enables the executive charged with the responsibility of managing to:

Structure the work and activities of the
marketing function.
Analyse the procedures.
Evaluate the results.
Question the knowledge base.
Write effective marketing plans
Measure Marketing performance.
Analyse sales, revenue, costs, profits.
and return on investment.

The contents also provide aide memoirs and check lists for practical management of the marketing function.

The performance of the manager of marketing will be judged by how efficiently and effectively the assets and investments are used to generate revenue.

This book sets out to provide effective process and procedure for the efficient management of the marketing functions the assets and investment.

While the practice applies mainly to the large and medium sized organizations, the principles and much of the practice apply equally to small business.

You can order your copy of the How Good Is Your Marketing? book here NOW!

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Publishing Autumn 2009

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